We have introduced a referral scheme so customers can refer friends to RareChems and receive rewards in return. Under this scheme, referrers can receive 5% of the order value of the referee, for each and every order made. Key points are below.

  • Access 'Referral Program with Rewards' via the RareChems account menu.
  • Use 'Affiliate Link' and enter name(s) / email address(es) to invite friends and colleagues. Customers can invite an unlimited number of people.
  • The system will automatically send the referee an email notifying them of the referral and include a 5% discount voucher for use with their order.
  • The referee must then register with the same email address the referrer used, as well as entering the email address of the referrer on the form.
  • The referrer will then get 5% of the order total (before VAT and shipping) as a reward, for each and every order the referee makes.
  • These rewards accrue in the referrers account and can then be used to generate vouchers of any value for the purchase of our products by using the 'Withdraw' function. 
  • Users can invite as many people as they like and therefore have the possibility to generate large rewards over time.