We have some very exciting news to deliver in this newsletter. After a lot of struggle, we have finally managed to source the very popular and beautiful molecule, AL-LAD!

We are now exclusively offering AL-LAD 150mcg Blotters on our catalog. Check it out!

For the last couple of years, this compound has been almost entirely unavailable. Yet it always remained a highly desirable and much demanded product. It is almost legendary in status due to its unique properties, and it is recognised as being the first legal lysergamide to reach the RC market.

Our partners, Lizard Labs, have been slaving away trying to prepare this compound via a new route (avoiding LSD as the precursor) for the last few years. And after MUCH blood, sweat and tears, their hard work has come to fruition. They have successfully developed a new route to AL-LAD and isolated the first several grams of product. Although the process is far from efficient, with low yields and a high cost price, we are grateful that AL-LAD has been resurrected.

Additionally, Lizard Labs have granted us exclusivity on the retail distribution of this product. We are pleased to be able to offer quantities of up to 500 or 2500 blotters, depending on the customers’ country.

We have only sourced a small batch of this product so expect it to sell out quickly. The price is high for the reasons described above and, unfortunately, is unlikely to improve for the foreseeable future.

Please consider this product as a rare treat for the most important research projects only. We will attempt to keep it stocked but the demand will certainly outweigh the supply for this one!

Finally, to celebrate the launch of AL-LAD and the start of a new season, we are offering 10% off all products until 31st October as our autumn promotion. Simply enter coupon code FALL2020 at checkout on ordering.

Any questions, please open a support ticket in the shop.

Welcome Fall!

All the best,

RareChems Team