Can I have a (small) sample of XXX? Could you please add a little bit of XXX for me to try? I will order it then if I like it.

Unfortunately there is no possibility for us to pack free samples. We can only keep our competitive pricing and high quality service by concentrating on our core business. Adding free samples is a sever addition to efforts in logistics we cannot afford in general.

Where is my order, I already placed it days/weeks/months ago?

You can check for estimated delivery times on the shipping page, in general you can expect an order to take at least a several days. There are many reasons for possible delays in delivery but after an order has been shipped we have no influence over the actual shipping duration. If you selected tracked shipping you can often follow the status yourself on multiple available services. In the vast majority of cases (>85%) even heavily delayed shipments eventually show up.

Please make my order extra stealthy/do not include and invoice/wrap it in X-ray-proof deer skin/etc.

All our orders are packed in neutral envelopes with a neutral sender's address, with cardboard inlays or similar and without any invoice or further documents. This results in a very subtle and sufficiently protective packaging. Of course we can add additions to the address or notices for the delivery company on the front of the envelope.

My order is overdue/lost/seized, can you reship it?

This depends on the actual order details. In general we cannot reship untracked orders and also we cannot reship orders to the US/UK. In other cases please feel free to contact our customer service and we will find a satisfying solution.