Bank Transfer

Our bank is located in the EU; therefore, SEPA payment is preferred. All payments should be made in EURO.

SEPA: Generally takes 24-48 hours to clear in our account.

Bank Wire/International Bank Transfer (non-SEPA): May take up to 5 working days to clear in our account.

Key points for customers paying via bank transfer:

  • It is imperative that you use the unique order reference generated at checkout as the payment reference (sometimes also called 'payment description' or ‘payment details’) on the bank transfer. If these instructions are not followed, the payment will be returned (less any banking fees) and the order cancelled.
  • Ensure you consider any banking fees or exchange fees. Orders will only be shipped once the full payment is received.
  • Ensure all payments are made in EURO. If sending from a non-EURO country, ask your bank to exchange and send in EURO.
  • Your order will be automatically updated when the payment is completed. You do not need to notify us of a completed payment via email.

Credit Card (EU only)

  • Our crypto payment gateway Cointopay also allows credit card payment for EU citizens now. Select "Cointopay international" as payment method in checkout and follow the instructions for credit cards.


We currently accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and other coins supported by our gateway Cointopay. Since our payment processor takes a fee for their service, around 1% of the order value plus a miner fee is added to the order total if cryptocurrency payment is selected. For this reason, we have implemented a 2% continuous discount for all cryptocurrency orders to offset this fee.

We will not give a detailed tutorial on how to use cryptocurrency here. Please consult one of many available online.

However, please note these important points below:

  • Always buy more cryptocurrency than you think you need (around 5% more) to compensate for exchange fluctuation.
  • You can buy cryptocurrency (for a relatively high fee) with credit card at some exchanges, e.g CEX.IO.
  • Never send directly from the exchange. This can cause issues with our payment processor.
  • Always store your cryptocurrency on a wallet that you directly control (i.e. you have access to the private keys). An exchange is not a suitable wallet. We recommend Electrum for Bitcoin.
  • Never send cryptocurrency to an expired address. There is a time limit for payment of each order at RareChems – please ensure you make a note of this.
  • Always send to the unique address generated specifically for the order. Sending to prior addresses will cause serious delays and may result in loss of cryptocurrency.
  • Be sure to send, at a minimum, the amount requested at checkout. If you send too little, your order will be severely delayed.
  • If you send too much cryptocurrency, we will consider it a tip for our excellent service. We will not refund the difference.
  • Your order will be automatically updated when the payment is completed. You do not need to notify us of a completed payment via email.